“At Last…A TEACHER has Put Together All of the Best Time Management Tips for Teachers”

From:Steve Francis, 11.34 pm

Dear Friend

If you are interested in reducing the stress of teaching by getting more done in less time…then this is going to be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why:

Do you often feel that you have too much to do and not enough time?

Do you feel like you are playing ‘catch up’ and missing deadlines?

Are you overwhelmed with what is expected of you as a teacher?

Are you stressed by what you don’t get done?

Do you often work late or at weekends yet still feel there is more to do?

Now there is an amazing new e-book called, “Time Management For Teachers”.

It covers everything you need to know as a teacher to improve your time management…as soon as TOMORROW!

Imagine being able to get more done in less time! Even create some spare time for YOU…If you could be just 5% MORE efficient you would have an EXTRA 2.5 hours EVERY week! What would you do with that extra time? This book can help you!

I bet you can just hear what your colleagues will be saying.

If you’re looking for something truly practical, this is the book for you.

Get more satisfaction from your teaching!

Get more done each day!

Get better results!

START TODAY - Don’t waste another DAY!

Putting these strategies in place is guaranteed to reduce

your stress. Just implementing ONE of the strategies will

save you time! Would that be a great feeling or what?

That’s what this brand new book could give you the

freedom to do.

And it’s not like any other book you’ve read on

Time Management.  Why?

Simply, every piece of time management advice in this book is there because it works in classrooms. The book is ESPECIALLY written FOR teachers BY a teacher.

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Time management for teachers is complicated. Teachers face unique problems that aren’t covered in most time management books.

Much of the day is already scheduled. We don’t have much flexibility when we have our classes. We have to work very efficiently with our limited time.

There are many competing demands on our time – demands from administrators, parents, the government as well as the need to continually professionally develop.

Good teaching requires students to be engaged and suitably challenged. This requires high levels of both energy and skill.

How do I know? I wrote the book. I have been a teacher for 20 years. Throughout that time I have developed, trialed, refined and learnt from colleagues. I have also researched time management programs throughout the world. I have selected and modified the ones that work in classrooms in the real world.

That’s me in the photo with my lovely wife and

daughter (she hates that uniform!)

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Time Management For Teachers

The TWO keys to time management and how to apply them in the classroom

How to overcome the common problems that take up lots of time and cause you stress

How to get organized and set up filing systems that work. You’ll even learn how to organize your computer so that you can quickly find the file YOU need!

Email - how to manage it so that it doesn’t take over  – watch out – email is meant to save us time but it can take over your day!

Setting up routines that work

Preparing for a substitute teacher

Secrets for efficient planning and preparation – don’t ever waste valuable time again!

How to mark and correct efficiently

Making meetings more effective

How to overcome procrastination

Prioritizing ruthlessly so that you are using your time well

How to reduce interruptions and maximize instructional time. Learn how to guard your valuable teaching time

Vital advice on looking after yourself and SECRET time saving tips

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in “Time Management For Teachers”.

All in all, there are 40 pages of tips you can start to implement IMMEDIATELY!

So how much better are you going to feel

having these solutions at your fingertips?

That’s why you should own this book today (in fact you can be reading it in under five minutes). In fact, if you’d like some of these tips free, CLICK BELOW to immediately download FREE PREVIEW pages. Time Management for Teachers PREVIEW Pages.pdf

Wouldn’t it be great to start to reduce your stress straight away!

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(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

What’s a book like this worth?

What you’re going to learn here is based on years and years of experience and from the best time management strategies from around the world. This isn’t ANY time management book, it is ESPECIALLY for TEACHERS and can be IMMEDIATELY implemented in YOUR classroom.

Which is why “Time Management For Teachers” is such a bargain at AU$24.95.

This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Which means you are reading it and learning all of the great tips to improve your time management and reduce your stress in under 5 minutes. Isn’t that FANTASTIC! Won’t it feel good to be reducing that STRESS! And, of course as it is an e-book there are NO shipping or postage charges either!

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Don’t worry, if for any reason you’re not happy with the content (or anything else), you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.



First and foremost I am a teacher. I know you work hard for your money. So if you’re not happy with “Time Management For Teachers”. I don’t expect…or want…to keep your money. Just simply send me a quick email and I’ll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it).

But…the book is yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me!

Okay? So you really can’t lose! The book is yours no matter what.

That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

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I’m confident that you’ll find the e-book of great assistance in reducing your stress and renewing your love of teaching.

Kind regards

Steve Francis

P.S.  Don’t forget, you’re getting 40 pages of tried and tested tips for TEACHERS to improve their time management and reduce their stress. So if that’s what you want to do, this is the solution you have been looking for. Click Here To Order

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